A History of Some Completed Construction Projects

Feb-Oct 2013  A School/ Church Project in Cavaillon

●      Seismically reinforced concrete post and beam construction w/ block partitions; frame roof; engineered drawings

●      Concrete mixed both by hand and with a 1 yard mixer - could mix and place roughly 35 yards per day (only)

●      Rebar fabrication...by hand, on site

●      Mostly just watched and listened trying to understand this new culture and our role in it...Why are we here?

 After 1 year in Haiti we had left an operational well built building...yet couldn’t help think that our role was not simply to build buildings, especially when Haitians are more than capable of doing this for themselves. We felt a sense of lost opportunity and began dreaming of ways to utilize every aspect of construction to teach and to train.

Oct 2014-Sept 2015 School in Torbeck Valley

●      Same seismically engineered post and beam concrete construction; concrete roof

●   Utilized better aggregates and took test cylinders for concrete

●      Matt foundation, 2’ thick, roughly 400 cu yards, half the total project yardage of 800 cu yds

●      Introduced American Masonry having found a decent block w/ an actual ASTM standard

●      Got better at forming and finishing concrete

●      Developed pour day system without ready mix and pump (100 guys for upper levels) 

Had some continuity, 11 men followed from previous project, but still no formal training ; continued habit of morning meetings/devotion which became a half hour daily of informal teaching: discussed among other topics work ethic, urgency, servant leadership, confidence, passion, responsibility, and God’s Demand on our lives…

 April - July 2017 Concrete Block Plant

●      First major block operation in South Haiti by an organization called Haiti Renewables, SA whose objective is to create businesses in South Haiti; they have started both this block plant and an aggregate production business…the beginning of a change in construction practices in Haiti must start with higher quality material.  

Oct 2017-April 2018 Commercial Space

●      Reinforced Masonry Construction

●      Approaching 12,000 both 8 and 12” block

●      No other building like it in South Haiti...this system will change commercial masonry construction in Haiti.

We have been working on successful construction projects in Haiti for over 6 years, but we think there is opportunity to do more. It is possible to leave more than well-built buildings in our wake. We want to leave “well-built” people. The inspiration for Lakou came from looking at the construction site as a powerful tool for teaching and training that we can make work even harder. We can use it to teach not only trades and project management but work ethic, tenacity, servant leadership, and confidence.

Total Material Quantities: 2500 yds concrete, 100 tons rebar, 25,000 block …not much for now, but then again, we’re just getting started !