Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the people of Haiti, to ignite their visions and dreams, and to provide the means and support to achieve them. Though deterred by many difficult circumstances, the solution for overcoming these setbacks lies in the Haitians' ability to both author and earn their own success. Solutions provided by others don't stick. Consistency, continuity, discipline, education...Hard work in one good direction over a long period of time--these are the elements of a program that will build confidence and maintain dignity. Success is often understood as achievement, but achievement always implies opportunity. It is equality in opportunity that is the myth, but not in Haiti. It can't be a myth where there is no opportunity.

We are modeling the process for a vision through all of its steps toward completion.  Everything is taught. The diligence and tenacity necessary for holding on to a dream, the best way to find support, how to break the vision into components, organize, and then build it. Our vision is to model the process and make Haitians the integral part of building a university, their university.  The use of the project itself IS the incredible opportunity to teach and to train...the dreaming, the planning, the problem-solving, the hard work.  It is through learning the process and finding their place in it that Haitians will be empowered to build their own future.

We have begun to accomplish our mission through a ministry in construction, providing training and opportunities toward this earned success which is so important.  We believe that everyone has the inherent right and responsibility to fulfill the purpose for their lives--pursuing the dreams given by God to bring change and peace to the world.  Our mission has begun to change the trajectory of many lives, the lives of their families and communities. Our intention is to finish what we've started.  We can, and we will by God's provision and a community of support. 

You are that community…and most welcome in the LAKOU.

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Together we can build

The unanswered criticism of the majority of programming intended as development efforts in Haiti today charges that individual and competing small scale projects lack the necessary coordinating effort to create real impact and change.

We have a lot to learn about how to help. But together, we can lay aside the tendencies that have weakened our impact and find better ways to organize ourselves and integrate our programming.

Having a project large enough to contain a wide, rich, diversity of people challenges us not only to focus on the agreeable task of seeking solutions in a place like Haiti, but perhaps, more, creates space in which we can better understand those who are different from ourselves. We hear they call that Reconciliation.

Hard work in one direction, over time.


Respect, humility and education are the values that guide us. Developing and strengthening our community through hard work in one good direction allows all of us to grow and thrive over time.