2019 Goals and Budgets

We will look back at 2019 as the year in which we transitioned from formational goals to actively stepping into programming goals. By the end of this year we wish to have The International Guild, Sa construction side fully equipped and operational and the Construction Training Program well underway. Below you will find a list of current resource requests with their proposed budgets. Most larger equipment has been priced used. Our desire is that there be an item below that you would be excited about helping us research, find, and purchase. We share these as Program Resources and Administrative Resources. (Should you wish to see a more complete list of goals and budgets, you may request this at the Contact Us Page)

Program Resources:

International Guild, Sa - Business DEVELOPMENT Program

Water for Life Project - Mobilization

  1. Site Concrete Batching Plant - Ready Mix concrete is unavailable in south Haiti and we wish to solve the quality/quantity issues of small mixers and mixing concrete on the ground. Budget: $70,000 + shipping

  2. Site Concrete Truck (Mixer) - ideally we would have two of these in operation during a site pour Budget (for one): $30,000 + shipping

  3. Compact Track Loader (skidsteer) - Budget: $48,000 + shipping

  4. Trailer for Skid Steer - Budget $4,000 + shipping

  5. Various Concrete Equipment - Small Mixer, Vibrators, Cut-Off Saws, Plate Compactor, Wheelbarrows, Rebar Cutter benders, Etc. Budget: $26,500

  6. Masonry Mixer - Budget: $4,000

  7. Masonry Scaffolding and Plank - Budget: $11,000

  8. Construction Truck - Budget: $20,000 + shipping

(558) 2014-11-15 18.47.jpg

Construction training Program

  1. Concrete Finishing Bag with Mag Float, Finishing Trowels, Knee Pads, etc. One Participant(suggested): $200

  2. Masonry Tool Bag and Wood Level One Participant(suggested): $350

  3. Carpentry Bags and Hand Tools One Participant(suggested): $300

the university project

  1. Land Cost - $635,000

Compassion and Community

  1. Ongoing Support for Vil la Bel Partnership and Community Programming (see Partners Page) Budget: $2,500/quarter

  2. Ongoing Support for Compassion Projects - The Least of These Budget: $2,500/quarter

  3. Charrier Community Project - The Charrier Community (where we will be working for Water For Life) has approached us for help with their community soccer field upgrade project. They wish to purchase the land, build support buildings (restrooms, stands, etc.) and develop soccer programming. This is an excellent opportunity to build Community. For more information, please go to the Contact Us Page.

Administrative Resources:

Staff and Volunteer Instructors

Contributions can be made in direct support of either staff or volunteers. Sponsorship by individuals, churches, or businesses of longer term volunteers makes the often “too busy” individual available, provides a certain accountability for the donation, and directly connects the contributing organization to Lakou. We welcome the relationships with those who can supply this “labor” source, for instructors and mentors both in the International Guild, Sa, the Construction Training Program, and within our Haiti Operations.


  1. Vehicle - Ford Ranger primarily driven by Haitian Staff $26,000

  2. Vehicle - “All Terrain Vehicle” and people mover $50,000

  3. Fundraising and Travel $16,500

  4. Computers and Software $12,000

  5. House/Office Rent in Haiti (Annual) $18,000

  6. Solar/Electrical and Generator $20,000