“Men anpil chay pa lou”

“With many hands, the load is not heavy — we all have something to do.”


Vil la Bel “The City is Beautiful”



To encourage our Haitian People by building a spirit of collective responsibility, by confronting the persistent overwhelming issues that are robbing their hope, and by promoting a spirit of cooperative enthusiasm among them.



Wadsene and Jasmine Anozar founded Vil la Bel in 2006. Having both spent time in the United States they have chosen to return to Haiti as ambassadors of hope and change.

As musicians they have recorded several CDs. Their television program is filled with inspirational messaging and viewed by millions in the south of Haiti. They consistently host educational seminars wherever they are able and promote their message of hope through the Gospel of Christ.


— Vil La Bel Television Program

— Music Ministry

— Technical Skills Development Program

— Neighborhood Trash Clean-up Initiative

— Community Building Projects Program

— Elderly Persons Ministry

— Water Filtration Program (rural areas)

“We wish simply to say that God's love is with them in the midst of their circumstances, and wants to bring meaning and purpose to their lives. We seek to communicate the simple truth that building relationship with people starts with caring about them and addressing their needs.”


Vil la Bel graciously offers their support, resources, and encouragement to Lakou. The Lakou will continue to work closely with them in community development and collaborative projects of all kinds.

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The Water For Life Learning Center


To restore dignity and meaning to impoverished lives by consistently teaching the Good News of Christ, by strengthening families and churches, and by reinforcing Haitian lives with practical skills.



— Church Mentorship Program:
Organizational, Leadership, Members

— Family Builder Program and Retreat Seminars

— Youth Ministry Program

— Vocational Training Program

— Computer and Foreign Language

— The Mobile Gospel Program


Water for Life has elected The Lakou, through their construction business and training program, to design (through William Murphy Architects) and construct the infrastructure, buildings, and site work for the Learning Center Project. The (very) preliminary site plan shows approximate placement of buildings on this 16 acre site.

Meeting in Philadelphia to review The Learning Center

Meeting in Philadelphia to review The Learning Center