“Tanbou prete pa fe bon dans”


“A borrowed drum doesn’t make
good dancing.”


International Guild, SA —
Business development Program

We have an extraordinary opportunity to partner with a great organization, Water for Life, to construct critical buildings they need to carry on their mission in Haiti. The work plan for this client will take two years to complete (starting summer 2019) while allowing us to operate a sustainable construction business, an earned income strategy for Lakou. This business has been established as International Guild, SA (Haitian Corporation), which spearheads our business development efforts. We believe training and education without jobs merely creates intellectuals and we will continue to partner with viable business endeavors in Haiti. Employing thirty plus Haitians creates impact immediately, while providing a proving ground for our Construction Training Program curriculum.

Construction training program


The heart of our mission is a Construction Training Program which revolves around education, skill training, and mentorship. All participants in the program are required to make a 4-year commitment, much like an apprenticeship. Criteria for acceptance into the Program revolves around the participant’s support in their community as a person of character, but also as one who is committed to returning to their community with tools and a vision for development. The focus is on developing those who, in turn, are committed to developing others.


  • Trades - Structural, Finish, or Mechanical/Electrical emphasis

  • General Education - Math, Language, Social Studies, Entrepreneur/Vocational Business, Management/Leadership, Computer, Life Skills (Time, Money, Family), Drivers’ Education, Disaster Response

  • Program Paths

    1. Trade Path with Specialization

    2. Project Management Path

3. Equipment Operator/Mechanic Path

4. Professional Path

We can train 600 with this Program over the next 20 years, impacting construction practices all over Haiti. By applying safety standards, advocating strong building codes, and producing buildings with measurable quality we - along with other great organizations- aim to eradicate even the possibility of anything like the total disaster that occurred at the 2010 earthquake.


long term vision - The university project

Looking forward, our vision is to build an educational campus on a 24-acre site near Les Cayes in south Haiti. We are calling this The University Project. The campus will be developed in phases while using the actual construction of the buildings to accomplish our Construction Training Program goals. When completed, all buildings and site work will take their place in a multidisciplinary Haitian University, which will serve the Haitian community on many levels. This concept was studied by students at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management focusing on the current state of the Haitian educational sector and development of high level design principles for the school structure. (Kelloggs KICC Program). This preliminary study introduced us not only to ideas but also to others who are actively promoting post secondary education in Haiti. We are meeting a wide variety of people with interest in Lakou’s University Project. We sense that by establishing an organization that has the land, meets all requirements of the Haitian Government, has construction figured out, and has established an educational framework for various disciplines of study, that there will be significant willingness and enthusiasm to endow this campus with the schools that it needs.


compassion and community

The work of Compassion is the “less glamorous”, “slower moving”, but absolutely essential programming that impacts one valued life at a time. There is much room for growth in this ministry to the most vulnerable of the Haitian Society, and we encourage everyone to take part. We intend to be efficient, but resist the temptation to make this program about numbers.

We actively participate in various Haitian communities and often organize community events. Six Haitian couples, connected to construction training, held their weddings and reception at one “post project celebration”. At this event 900 were fed. We love helping Haitians with community.

Marie Paul, special needs

Marie Paul, special needs