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Our Mission

To inspire Haitians by igniting their desire to learn and take action on behalf of themselves, their family, community and country by influencing creative, sustainable solutions dedicated to build Haiti by Haitians.


In simple terms, Lakou, pronounced (la koo), is a Creole term for “the yard,” but its concept is profound. Lakou is a natural and familiar place to gather, where everyone has value. It is a place where we are invited to learn from each other, and a place where the goal is to collectively make progress. It is a community where diversity is welcomed, no one is famous, and everyone has a voice. You are always welcome in the Lakou.

Lakou pa’m se Lakou pa’w. — My place is your place.

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Piti piti, zwazo fè nich

“Little by little, the bird makes its nest.”



— International Guild, SA
(Business Development)

— Construction Training Program

— The University Project

— Compassion / Community


Our Impact


Will Forever Change

— The lives and their trajectories of all Haitian employees and their families added to ever
increasing infrastructure, programs, and businesses of Lakou

— The lives and trajectories of all participants, their extended families, and communities of those completing the Lakou Construction Training Program

— Construction practices in Haiti

— Post-secondary educational opportunities in Haiti

— The lives of ‘the least of these’ cared for through the Lakou Compassion Programming



“Sometimes you need to get 
close enough
 to the ground
 to hear the 
grass grow.”



We invite you to join with us, believing in the Haitians. We invite you to spend time using your skills and knowledge, to teach, to train, and to move Programs along. And we invite you to support the Haitians materially, either monetarily or with actual goods. (See Next Steps) Your generosity will make the long-term difference for them, their families, and their communities.


Volunteer/STAFF opportunities

Make a difference with your time

— Staff

— Volunter

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Your generous donation can make enormous changes in Haitian lives